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High Level Photography by Can Burcin Sahin / LCProBild

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The nature and aerial photographer Can Burcin Sahin

Can Burcin Sahin was born in Istanbul, Türkiye in 1972. Photography has been a passion of his and something he enjoyed from his early childhood. The first contact with aerial photography he got at the age of 16 when he started to skydive.

In 1999 Can Burcin moved to Sweden, were he established his company LCProBild in 2002. He continued to develop his interest for photography by taking several courses and studied Nature photography and Outdoor life for one year at the Åland University.

The passionate interest in photography combined with his love for flying was the reason why he became paramotor and microlight pilot, to be able to combine the two biggest interests in his life and take his photography one step further.

Today Can is working as a flying photographer and takes original, detailed aerial photos from low altitude with exiting angles. He pays much attention to every detail, taking every shoot very seriously, putting his soul and devotion into it, trying to give them a life of it's own.

Can Burcin has a unique way to take aerial pictures, he doesn't use camera helmets. As a certified pilot he's flying the aircraft and waiting for the right moment to appear. He compose each image through the viewfinder to get the kind of photo that he wants.

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Highlights from HighLevelPhotography by Can Burcin Sahin


High Level Photography by Can Burcin Sahin / LCProBild

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